Creation of the “Virgen de la Sangre, Throne of Wisdom” Scholarship.

The Pontifical, Royal and Ancient Brotherhood of Saint Benedict Abbot, co-patron of the town of Gerena, and Brotherhood of Nazarenes of the Most Holy Christ of the True Cross and Mary Most Holy of the Blood of Gerena (Seville) has signed an agreement with the Faculty of Theology San Isidoro of Seville to institute the The ‘Scholarship Virgen de la Sangre Trono de Sabiduría’, by which the brotherhood is committed to collaborate in the program of aid to the study of the Faculty.

The signing of the agreement formalizing the cooperation falls within the framework of the of the Acts and Worship programmed on the occasion of the 425th Foundational Anniversary, to be celebrated throughout the year 2023, for which the Brotherhood has created a section of Charity. Taking advantage of the Extraordinary Exit authorized by the ecclesiastical authority of its Sacred Titular, the Blessed Virgin of the Blood, the BECA has been instituted that carries, therefore, the name of “Virgen de la Sangre, Trono de Sabiduría” (Virgin of the Blood, Throne of Wisdom). Through this grant, the scholarship will annually cover the full cost of tuition in the official courses offered by the Faculty of Theology to students in financial need.

La firma del convenio ha tenido lugar este lunes, 30 de enero, en la Facultad de Teología San Isidoro de Sevilla, con la presencia del presidente-decano de esta institución académica, Manuel Palma, y el hermano mayor de la corporación, Francisco López Domínguez. También han estado presentes Miguel Álvarez Pineda, secretario de la hermandad y el diputado de caridad, Juan Manuel García Mahave.


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